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Lone Butte Alumni

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Topaz aka Loki

DOB February 24,2021
Haze x LB Donner
Loki is smart, sweet and my favorite buddy. He is told everyday that he is so handsome and not just by me. As a puppy he is a quick learner. He loves to wave, shake a paw, take a bow and wait for delicious treats. 

Ruby aka Keela

DOB February 24,2021 
Haze x LB Donner

LB Taz

Taz is a very goofy wild boy that is a littermate to Lynn. This young boy is going to be a real hard hitter. He is a lot like his older brother was at the start of his career. We think he’s going to do some big things on the ranch in the future.

RVR Twist

Twist is a pup from our Gael x JR Vaquero summer litter he is Finns littermate. 

Bent Creek Boone 

DOB: April 6, 2017
Boone came to us through an amazing breeder in Missouri. He is a sweet loving boy that is medium drive. He is a chocolate merle with bi-eyes and short coat.  Boone is registered with the ABCA and the AKC.


Goose has lots of growing up to do. He is uper sweet and loving and will be registered ABCA.


DOB: February 10, 2020
Rio is a very bold brave little fella so far. He is out of the Blanchette program from the North battleford area. His parents and siblings are all proven on the ranch and in the trial pen.


DOB: February 10, 2020
Cruz is a laid back little one that likes to check things out before he leaps unlike his litter mate Rio. He will also be geared up for ranch use and the trial pen. 

MFR Stitch

DOB: February 7, 2020
Stitch is out of the mission falls ranch program in St. Ignatius, Montana as are our other two girls breeze and Kali. She is a very feisty brave individual that has a super bright future. 

alumni Alley

Hiccup aka Gander 

Breeze x Merlin May 15/19


Snotlout aka Cody

Breeze x Merlin May 15/19

Dolly aka Ruffnut

Breeze x Merlin May 15/19

LB Beau 

Kali x Merlin June 25/19


Haze x Dash Nov 11/18



Haze x Dash Nov 11/18


Haze x Dash Nov 11/18

Maverick aka Conway

Haze x Dash Nov 11/18