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Our Dogs


Jess x Teak

Half sister to our Rip super feisty cuddly little girl that has no quit in her. Also from Remy Campbell’s program

LB Donner

Donner is one of our very first home bred pups that has really shown what it is we want to produce in our program. He is a feisty, strong minded individual. Donner is working well on both sheep and cattle. We started trialling him fall of 2021 and he has qualified us for our very first CCDA finals coming March 2022. We are looking forward to watching him grow as a cattle dog and working towards our first win in the trial pen. Donners second litter of pups are now starting training and showing great promise.

LB Obsidian

This fun loving, kinda crazy guy that we held back from our spring litter this past year. He is showing us some incredible stuff on cows so far at the start of his training. He is exactly what we have been striving to produce. He is so calm and collected working so far and is my constant chore buddy. We are looking forward to to visit continued training here at home and hope to enter him in some trials in the near future. This LB Donner son is showing the same tenacity that his sire has and so far is even stronger than his father.


Rip comes to us from Remt Campbells program down by Medicine Hat,AB out of her good dog Jess and by none other than the infamous Bob owned by Peter Gonnet of Outlook, SK. Rip showed early on that he has talent in spades, whether it’s on sheep or cows. We have started him in training and are very excited to see him progress. He’s going to make a hell of a cow dog here on the ranch and watch for him in the trial pens

LB Lynn

Lynn is a young girl out of our program. She’s a super sweet and fun loving half sister to our Donner. She has just started in training and is showing a lot of promise. She has some big shoes she is trying to follow in her older brother. We have big hopes for her as her training progresses this year. Stay tuned to her story.

RVR Finn

Finn is another home raised pup out of a female we owned in conjunction with Rafter V Ranch. His sire is none other than the legendary JR Vaquero. He has discovered the stock and sure seems to know his purpose in life. We are sure looking forward to watching him grow and start training this summer.

RVR Reese

Reese has started training and is showing to be a classy working girl that takes the head and heel. Super strong, but biddable. She has the sweetest personality and loves attention.

Just A Riot

Riot is starting her training this spring. She has shown she has what it takes to make a good working cattle dog. Although she does have some serious color requirements.

RVR Rhaena

Dot X Jack

Super sweet chill girl that is ready to start prepping for the trial pen. She came to us from KM Border collies in Wadena, Sk.